Education selection for 2013

This year, the Ministry of Education has published an update of its selection of books recommended for college students to enrich their reading experience and encourage their curiosity. Several criteria guided the selection of which the first is the quality of writing to encourage the joy of reading.

Two of our books appear there.Ma Couleur

For the first year in college, a novel from our Coquecigrues collection: "My Color" by Catherine Leblanc illustrated by Sophie Charpin. 

Comment : How to reconcile with yourself the "angry colors" of your life? This is the question raised by this sensitive and not without humor story, embellished with drawings in shades of brown, like the color of Fathi. 

For the 3rd year in college, an album of our Fariboles collection: "Noa, on the other side" written by Diane Peylin and illustrated by the famous Gaëlle Boissonnard.Noa, de l'autre côté

Comment : A tale about differences, a poetic reflection on the need to others to enrich from our mutual differernces and find completeness and happiness.

As a reminder, the album " The Last Voyage of Félicien "Peter Touron was selected in the list produced by the Ministry of Education for the first grade in 2007.

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